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Monthly archives for September, 2014

IN Meeting at Palermo’s September 27th, 2014

For our second meeting we started brainstorming ideas for the mission statement and the the new group name. We also decided to have monthly meetings and to rotate our meetup location to make it easier on our members who may have to travel long distances. People volunteered to be in the chair committee and after we chose our group’s name, we registered the web domain.  It was an exciting day for all!

Here are some photos from the meeting:


IN Meeting at Palermo’s September 13, 2014

This was our very first meeting and we had a wonderful turnout.  We discussed what we all wanted to get out of our new group and planned the itinerary for our next meeting.

The fun of joining in the initial stages of this process included providing input that will make an impact on the future of this group. Be it socializing, field trips, rotation of meeting spaces, overcoming infrastructure issues (parking), grassroots skepticism investigations, consumer protection activism, exercising critical thinking skills, everybody had something to bring to the table, to add to the richness of our endeavors. It is this participation that will be a hallmark of the new group.



Upcoming Events

  1. Cold Reading Workshop with Mark Edward

    February 7 @ 2:00 am - 3:30 pm